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2024 Crime Program Enhancements!

Best-in-Class Crime Program for Community Associations! 

For policies effective 3/1/24 and later, we now offer our ENHANCED CRIME PROGRAM including coverage on a DISCOVERY FORM basis and FRAUDULENT IMPERSONATION protection.

The Crime coverage protects the insured against theft of money, securities, or other property by an employee or property manager. The program is available for nonprofit habitational community associations including homeowners' associations (HOAs), townhomes, mobile home parks, residential/commercial condominiums (condos), & residential/commercial planned unit developments (PUDs).

  • Discovery Form coverage provides broader protection for your community association clients by covering crime losses DISCOVERED during the policy period, regardless of when they occurred.

  • Fraudulent Impersonation coverage protects your community association clients by covering crime losses attributed to the growing threat of phishing/social engineering scams.

All New Business and Renewals with effective dates 3/1/24 and later include the full suite of Crime Coverages (A-H) at limits of $25,000 or higher. Get a quote now on!

Download our updated Crime flyer!

Quote now on!

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