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Have you qualified for a 2019 Bonus?

Some CAIS appointed Agents have qualified for our 2019 Bonus program in the first and second Quarter of 2019! Contact CAIS to find out if you are close to qualifying. Call Gary Deck at (916) 212-8310 or email

CAIS 2019 ONE-STOP Bonus Program

Bind all three products: Directors & Officers, Crime, & "If-Any" Workers’ Compensation Insurance, with 2019 effective dates for the same community association and receive a $50 gift card bonus!*

*You are eligible to win up to 10 times ($500 in gift cards) during 2019!

Bonus key on keyboard
Bonus Program

Program and Product flyers:

Want to know more about the 2019 Bonus program or our products? Ask us a question.

Quote now on! It's easy - faster than a cup of coffee!

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