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Please Update Your Records for our Billing Address before 10/31/23

Notice: Mail will stop forwarding from our old address to the new address on 11/1/23.

Our billing address changed on 10/17/22 for standard mail and for overnight mail. CAIS Billing statements now include the new lockbox address starting from this date. Mail that is delivered to the prior addresses for regular mail and for overnight mail will be forwarded for several months.

New lockbox address for payments sent through standard US mail:


P.O. Box 261567

Hartford, CT 06126-1567

New address for payments sent with overnight delivery:



170 Huyshope Ave

Hartford, CT 06106

If you need any assistance, please call CAIS at (888)-833-4158 - ext 130 (Accounting). If you have questions, please email

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