Workers’ Compensation – “If-Any”

CAIS offers the only national Workers’ Compensation Program covering board members, committee members and volunteers. For 10 years, this program has been a stand-out in the industry. Competitive premiums, the highest commissions, direct bill, auto renewal and a single question email audit to the agent, make our program the best in the industry. The program is available for nonprofit habitational and commercial community associations including: Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Condominium Associations (COAs), Townhome Associations, Mobile Home Parks, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs).


Some associations have purchased a volunteer accident policy, commonly called Accident & Health (A&H) or Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D). These A&H or AD&D policies are typically very limited in the protection provided. By including our no-cost volunteer endorsement, our product covers all out-of-pocket expenses for the injury and pays for all medically necessary expenses, including physical rehabilitation, that are a direct result of the injury sustained on the job.


Are you an insurance agent? You can quote, bind and renew all with a few clicks at, our Agent Portal for transactions. Don’t have access? Join our community of agents.


Do you work on the board of a community association? Are you a property manager? We’re here to help you too. Send us a message, or give us a call to learn more. Click for details on our "If-Any" WC Program for Community Associations. We have example claims that may be helpful for your Community Association. 


Workers’ Compensation – Payroll

CAIS offers the only national Workers' Compensation program dedicated to Community Associations with employees, and includes coverage for Board members and Volunteers. Click here for more details on our Payroll WC for Condos/HOAs.


Commercial Package

CAIS offers packaged insurance solutions (Property & Liability) for your condominiums, townhomes and planned unit developments. We work with trusted national carriers that can package the property, liability, director and officers, and crime coverages, or we can offer these products on a standalone basis depending on the customer’s needs. Coverages are tailored to the needs of your Community Interest Development.

Directors & Officers

Our Community Association Directors and Officers with Employment Liability Insurance Program (D&O with EPLI) covers both the associations you insure and their community management company. Click here for details on our D&O product.


CAIS offers a Crime program to protect your customers. Crime is also referred to as Employee Dishonesty or a Fidelity Bond. The Crime coverage protects the insured against theft of money, securities, or other property by an employee or property manager. Add Crime to your existing Workers’ Comp policy in seconds! Click here for details on our Crime Program


CAIS offers Umbrella coverage for associations with several trusted national carriers. These policies provide coverage over and above the primary, underlying liability policies (General Liability, Directors and Officers, Automobile, etc.), and can provide your association with an important piece of the insurance puzzle due to an unplanned catastrophic situation.

Difference in Conditions (Earthquake & Flood)

CAIS can write Earthquake and Flood (Difference in Conditions) coverage in the Western US for commercial building owners, condominium associations and other commercial exposures. We can offer layering for large commercial accounts and we write risks with a premium as low as $1,000.

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