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Directors & Officers

Our Community Association Directors and Officers with Employment Liability Insurance Products (D&O with EPLI) covers both the associations you insure and their community management company. The products are available for nonprofit habitational community associations including homeowners' associations (HOAs), townhomes, residential/commercial condominiums (condos), and residential/commercial planned unit developments (PUDs).

Download our D&O flyers

D&O Insurance offers coverage for:

Common Classes

  • Residential Condo & Townhome Associations 

  • Homeowner Associations

  • Retail Associations

  • Office/Industrial Parks

  • Property Owner Associations

  • Cooperatives 

  • Mobile Home Parks (Not in CA)

  • Planned Unit Developments

Restricted Classes (ineligible) 

  • Master Associations

  • Rental Associations

  • Condo Hotels

  • Timeshares

D&O Products details:

  • "Admitted" in all states offered

  • Limits up to $5 million

  • Defense Costs Coverage for Breach of Contract claims

  • Coverage for Non-monetary claims

  • Automatic Coverage for the Property Management Company

  • Available in all states (Excluding NV) 

  • AM Best A++ and AM Best A+ rated national carriers

  • Defense outside the limit

  • Full Prior Acts Coverage 

  • Developer can be on board (can't be in control)

  • Online Quote & Bind on

  • See product specific flyer for additional details


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If you’d like to learn more about insurance protection for your Community Association customers, please contact:


Gary Deck

VP of Sales and Distribution

M: 916.212.8310 (best choice)

T: 888.833.4158 Ext. 109

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