Welcome Professional Property managers, and thank you for the excellent work you do for your community! We provide a resource for Property Managers like you!


CAIS believes every community benefits when professionally managed. For over 25 years, our organization has worked to help Managers solve problems. Many of the issues associations encounter are insurance related. Luckily, we’re at our best helping you and your Boards achieve your primary objective: Asset Protection and Enhancement. We provide Managers tools to help your Board make educated decisions around a variety of critical issues.

Here are the top five insurance coverages that every association needs:

  1. Commercial Package Policy (Property & Liability)

  2. Directors and Officers with Employment Liability Insurance (D&O with EPLI)

  3. Crime (Employee Dishonesty or Fidelity Bond)

  4. Payroll or Volunteer ("If-Any") Workers' Compensation

  5. Umbrella (Excess Liability)




Your Management Company’s WC Policy is likely one of the largest line-items in your operating budget. Did you know that one uninsured loss at an Association you manage could DRAMATICALLY IMPACT YOUR PREMIUMS and/or COVERAGE ELIGIBILITY? CAIS can help your company AVOID this potential PROFIT-ROBBING event with our program: The PMA "If-Any" Workers' Compensation Policy.

We offer a flyer with examples of claims that have been incurred by board members/volunteers! You may download and print the flyer for your board members.


Common MC-CEO response to this situation:

1. I’m protected because we ALWAYS get current certs.

That’s a GREAT first step, but certs do not always mean coverage actually exists.

2. Even if there IS an incident, I have an indemnity agreement.

Again – excellent protection and likely enforceable but at what cost to you and your customer? You and your

Associations can avoid ALL of this exposure… we’ll show you how!


Here is a case that illustrates why every Community Association Management Company should INSIST their clients carry Workers’ Compensation:

'Heiman v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (2007) 149 Cal.App.4th 724' demonstrates that association managers can also be held liable for injuries to an employee of an uninsured contractor working for an association they manage.


Download the case synopsis flyer




CAIS is a wholesaler/program administrator. If you would like a quote, and you are a Board Member or Community Manager, please contact us. We will work with your local insurance agent or recommend one appointed with CAIS.

If you’d like to learn more about insurance protection for your Management Company or for your Community Association customers, please contact:


Gary Deck

Director of Sales and Distribution

M: 916.212.8310 (best choice)

T: 888.833.4158 Ext. 109