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How do I order loss runs for If-Any or Payroll WC policies?

To order loss runs for Condo/HOA Workers' Compensation If-Any and Payroll policies with PMA, Hanover OneBeacon or FHM, please email WCadmin@mgalive.com.

How do I order loss runs for Crime or Employee Dishonesty policies?

To order loss runs for Condo/HOA Crime policies (PMA only), please email PMAcrime@mgalive.com.

How do I order loss runs for D&O policies?

To order loss runs for Condo/HOA Directors and Officers policies (Chubb only), please email chubbDandO@mgalive.com.

Can you premium finance If-Any Workers' Compensation policies that are direct bill?

Payment options or installment plans for If-Any (non-payroll) Workers' Compensation insurance: Minimum premium policies are direct bill and we only accept one-time, full payments (annual pay). We do not recognize outside premium finance agreements.

Can you premium finance Payroll Workers' Compensation policies that are direct bill?

Payment options or installment plans for Payroll Workers' Compensation insurance policies that exceed the minimum premium can be placed on an installment plan (varies by premium size). We do not recognize outside premium finance agreements.

Can you premium finance Crime (Fidelity Bond or Employee Dishonesty) policies that are direct bill?

Payment options or installment plans for Crime (Fidelity Bond or Employee Dishonesty) insurance policies are direct bill and annual pay only. We do not recognize outside premium finance agreements.

Can you premium finance D&O policies that are direct bill?

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policies are direct bill – payment in full. We do not recognize outside premium finance agreements.

Does CAIS accept credit cards for Payment?

You may pay by credit card for most online related business by clicking on Payments on the CAISlive website and entering the policy number. Your policy number is located on your invoice. Alternatively, you may visit www.billitnow.com and click on Register Here (if you are new user). Follow instructions on how to pay online. NOTICE: By using the EVO eZpay credit card payment option, the cardholder understands and agrees that Community Association Insurance Solutions, LLC. is only able to accept credit card payment through the cardholder’s use of an independent, third-party processing service that will process a payment by credit card on the cardholder’s behalf. Any issues arising from the use of this third-party payment service are between the cardholder and EVO eZpay. EVO eZpay imposes a per-transaction fee directly to the cardholder. The fee will appear as a separate transaction from the policy payment on the cardholder’s credit card statement, and the fee will not appear on the online policy, as it is an independent, third-party charge.

Where should I send payment?

Please mail your payment via Regular Mail to: CAIS, LLC PO Box 969 Westbrook, CT 06498 or by overnight mail to: CAIS, LLC – Billing Management Services, Attn: Chris Clark, 170 Huyshope Ave, Hartford, CT 06106.

What is the Broker of Record (BOR) process?

For Program business (transacted online at MGAlive.com) – Community Association/Homeowner/Townhome/PUD related, we will accept a BOR letter at any time during the policy term, but the BOR must be received no later than one business day prior to the next renewal date in order for the new broker to receive commission for the renewal term. BORs not received in this timeframe will be acknowledged, but the new agent is considered the Broker/Agent of Service and no commissions will be paid to the new agent until the next renewal. The BOR letter must be submitted on the insured’s letterhead or an Acord 36 Form. It must include the current policy number and the name of the new broker as it appears on their insurance license. BOR letters must be signed and currently dated by an authorized representative of the association (board member or property manager, if authorized).

What if the association adds direct payroll during the year?

We will endorse the policy back to the date of hire to add the employee, and charge the appropriate AP (additional premium). The policy will be converted from an If-Any Policy to Payroll Policy. All Payroll Policy audit processes will be applicable at the end of the policy term.

How does volunteer coverage work?

A Voluntary Compensation (VC) Endorsement is added to the policy that defines volunteers working on behalf of the association as employees for the Workers’ Compensation Act requirements. This means their injuries are treated like any other work-related injury and paid for by the Workers’ Compensation Policy on a first dollar basis.

How does the audit process work for If-Any WC Policies?

CAIS has the easiest audit process in the industry! Within 60 days of expiration, the agency account manager tied to the transaction in our system (not the insured) will receive an email asking one question: Did the insured add any direct employees during the prior policy term? We don’t send a 7-page questionnaire to the manager or board members, just a simple email to the agency representative associated with that policy.

Does the If-Any program cover sole proprietors?

Typically, sole proprietors are not subject to the labor code requirements (or the state allows them to opt-out if they are subject to the act). However, if a sole proprietor is injured while working for the association and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board or Labor Commission determine the injured party is actually an employee of the insured, then the individual would be covered.

How does If-Any coverage compare to a Volunteer Accident Policy?

Accident & Health or Accident Death & Dismemberment (commonly known as A&H or AD&D) Policies are the typical insurance solutions proposed for covering volunteers. These types of policies provide nowhere near the coverage a true Voluntary Compensation (VC) Endorsement on a WC Policy does. These polices typically have co-pays, deductibles and coverage limits.

How are claims for uninsured contractors triggered on an If-Any WC Policy?

When someone is injured on the job and seeks medical attention, the first question they are asked is, “Was this a work-related injury?” When the injured person replies, “yes” it triggers WC billing from the medical provider. If that provider seeks a WC Policy from the employer and does not find one, they can turn that claim into the local Appeals Board or Labor Commission, whichever entity is responsible for settling WC claims disputes for the state. The entity will determine who is responsible for the injured party as it relates to the labor code requirements to provide benefits, and assign the loss to the responsible party or parties. If the Association is the unlucky recipient of that assignment, the If-Any portion of the policy will be engaged and treat the injured person as though they were a direct employee under the Workers’ Compensation Policy.

How do I get my login credentials for MGAlive?

If you or your Agency are already appointed with CAIS and you do not have your login credentials, please send all requests of appointment or login information to contracts@mgalive.com. If you are not appointed with CAIS, please visit the Join page on CAISlive and submit a digital application. If you have questions, email contracts@mgalive.com or call the main phone line and ask for the Relationship Coordinator.

How can I get or reset my password for MGAlive?

If you do not remember your password, you can reset your password on the Agent Portal login screen for MGAlive. Click on the link "Forgot Your Password".

What browser is the MGAlive website compatible with?

MGAlive is compatible with the latest version of Chrome, latest version of Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE) 11. MGAlive may be compatible with some earlier versions. Versions older than the last 1-2 versions may not work. Versions older than IE 9 will likely have issues due to JavaScript.

Can I make a payment over the phone by calling CAIS?

CAIS does accept payments over the phone. Please contact us during business hours at 888-833-4158.

Can I (prop management/insured) pay my WC If any policy online?

An insured and/or its management company can pay an invoice online by clicking on Payments on the CAISlive website and entering the policy number. Your policy number is located on your invoice. Alternatively, an invoice may be paid at BillItNow.com. The first time an insured or representative of the insured (prop management) visits the site, they will need to register. Insured First Time User Registration Directions: Click on the Login button in the upper right-hand corner. Select the “New User? Register Here” link located under the “Enter” button. Fill in the requested *information. Once the information is submitted, the client will receive an email confirmation with a login ID and password. The client can then login to BillItNow.com and pay an invoice either by Electronic Check (ACH) or Credit Card. Agents can make a payment online through their MGAlive.com portal. Please locate the Billing tab at the top of the screen. This is only available if an invoice has been generated. On the right-hand side of the billing screen, please select “Pay Policy Online”. From there, you will be able to select the policy number to make the payment. An invoice can be paid by either Electronic Check (ACH) or Credit Card.

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