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  • How do I order loss runs?
    Loss runs can be ordered directly on by creating a Case from the Policy Details page with the subject "Loss Run Request." Loss runs can also be requested by emailing with "Loss Run Request" in the Subject line, and the name of the Insured.
  • Is premium financing an option on  policies bound through
    All programs (except Payroll WC) are annual payment on a direct bill basis. Payroll Workers' Compensation insurance policies that exceed the minimum premium can be placed on an installment plan (varies by premium size). Since our programs are direct billed, we do not recognize outside premium finance agreements.
  • Can I pay the Policy balance online?
    An insured, management company, or agent can pay an invoice online via the website. Go to the top of the website ribbon and click on "Payments." This will take you to a screen where you can input the policy number as listed on the invoice. Payment can be made by either Electronic Check (ACH) or Credit Card. Please note that payments made via credit card will incur a processing fee. Payments may also be made by agents inside MGAlive from the Policy Details Page > Manage Your Policy. If you need any assistance, please call CAIS at (888)-833-4158.
  • Where should I send payment?
    Our billing address changed on 10/17/22 for standard mail and for overnight mail. CAIS Billing statements now include the new lockbox address starting from this date. Mail that is delivered to the prior addresses for regular mail and for overnight mail will be forwarded for several months. New lockbox address for payments sent through standard US mail: CAIS, LLC P.O. Box 261567 Hartford, CT 06126-1567 New address for payments sent with overnight delivery: CAIS/Insurity Attn: BIN REMITTANCE 170 Huyshope Ave Hartford, CT 06106 Online Payment options: Online payments may be made by the insured, management company, or agent. Visit our Payments Page on Online Payment can be made with either an electronic check (ACH) or a credit card. Please note that payments made via credit card will incur a processing fee. Payments may also be made by agents inside from the Policy Details Page > Manage Your Policy. If you need any assistance, please call CAIS at (888)-833-4158 - ext 1 (Accounting). If you have questions, please email
  • What is the Broker of Record (BOR) change process?
    If you need to send in a BOR document, please send all documents to We will accept a BOR letter at any time during the policy term, but the BOR must be received no later than one business day prior to the next renewal date in order for the new broker to receive commission for the renewal term. BORs not received in this time frame will be acknowledged, but the new agent is considered the Broker/Agent of Service and no commissions will be paid to the new agent until the next renewal. The BOR letter must be submitted on the insured’s letterhead or an Acord 36 Form. It must include the current policy number OR the Insured’s FEIN and the name of the new broker as it appears on their insurance license. BOR letters must be signed and currently dated by an authorized representative of the association (board member or property manager, if authorized), along with said Title listed as well.
  • What if an association adds direct payroll during the year?
    If an employee is hired during the policy period, we can add the employee's payroll to the policy effective on their date of hire. We will charge the appropriate additional premium (AP) at that time. The policy will be converted from an If-Any Policy to a Payroll Policy and a mail and/or physical audit will be performed (based on premium amount and location state) following the end of the policy term.
  • How does volunteer coverage work?
    A Voluntary Compensation (VC) Endorsement is added to the policy that defines volunteers working on behalf of the association as employees per the Workers’ Compensation Act requirements. This means their injuries are treated like any other work-related injury and covered by the Workers’ Compensation Policy on a first dollar basis. Note: The states of Texas and Wisconsin do not allow a Voluntary Compensation Endorsement to be added to an If-Any WC policy.
  • How does the audit process work for If-Any WC Policies?
    CAIS has the easiest audit process in the industry! Within 60-90 days of expiration, the agency account manager tied to the transaction in our system (not the insured) will receive an email asking one question, "Did the insured add any direct employees during the prior policy term?" We don’t send a 7-page questionnaire to the manager or board members, just a simple email to the agency representative associated with that policy.
  • Does the If-Any WC program cover sole proprietors?
    It is not the intent of the If-Any WC program to cover vendors or sub-contractors, including sole proprietors. Typically, sole proprietors are not subject to the labor code requirements (or the state allows them to opt out if they are subject to the act). However, if a sole proprietor is injured while working for the association and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board or Labor Commission determines the injured party is actually an employee of the insured, then the individual would be covered.
  • How does If-Any coverage compare to a Volunteer Accident Policy?
    Accident & Health or Accident Death & Dismemberment (commonly known as A&H or AD&D) Policies are the typical insurance solutions proposed for covering volunteers. When compared to a true Voluntary Compensation (VC) Endorsement attached to a WC Policy, A&H/AD&D polices are limited and typically have co-pays, deductibles and capped coverage.
  • How are claims for uninsured contractors triggered on an If-Any WC Policy?
    When someone is injured on the job and seeks medical attention, the first question they are asked is, “Was this a work-related injury?” When the injured person replies, “yes” it triggers WC billing from the medical provider. If that provider seeks a WC Policy from the employer and does not find one, they can turn that claim into the local Appeals Board or Labor Commission; whichever entity is responsible for settling WC claims disputes for the state. The entity will determine who is responsible for the injured party as it relates to the labor code requirements to provide benefits, and assign the loss to the responsible party or parties. If the Association is the recipient of that assignment, the If-Any portion of the policy will be engaged and treat the injured person as though they were a direct employee under the association's Workers’ Compensation Policy.
  • How do I get my login credentials for MGAlive?
    If you or your Agency are already appointed with CAIS and you do not have your login credentials, please send all requests of appointment or login information to If you are not appointed with CAIS, please visit the Join page on CAISlive and submit a digital application. If you have questions, email or call the main phone line and ask for the Relationship Coordinator.
  • How do I reset my password for
    To reset your password, use the password reset link on the login screen of Ensure that the browser cache/cookies are cleared before completing the password reset. Visit Google's Help Articles for assistance on how to clear cache and cookies from Chrome.
  • What browser is the MGAlive website compatible with?
    MGAlive is compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Can I make a payment over the phone by calling CAIS?
    CAIS can assist you by offering guidance on how to utilize the online payment process, please call CAIS at (888)-833-4158 for help.
  • I just made an online payment using the wrong banking information. Who do I contact to get this corrected?
    Contact CAIS Accounting at (888) 833-4158 regarding payment corrections.
  • How can I obtain a copy of my commission statement?
    Hardcopy commission statements are mailed with commission checks on or around the 8th of each month. If you need a replacement copy, please email
  • How can I change where my commission statements are emailed or mailed?
    Updates and address changes for commission statements should be emailed to
  • Can I receive my commission payment via ACH?
    Commissions are currently paid via check and ACH. If you would like your commission payments via ACH, please email to enroll.
  • I was paid the incorrect commission rate on a policy? How can I get this fixed?
    Commission questions can be emailed to:
  • How do I update my profile information on
    Click on the user name in the top right corner of the Agent Portal Screen to make updates to the profile details. Field access permission is based on a user's role in their Agency. If you need assistance with making updates, please contact, or call (888) 833-4158.
  • What is my user name?
    Your user name is your email address. You can use the forgot user name on the login screen of for assistance, or email for assistance.
  • Where do we send information about changes to our agency, such as user updates, agency being sold or purchasing another agency, name updates, E&O Certificates?
    Please send all agency changes for your users and your agency address to so our team can review and make the appropriate updates to your current agency account. Updated E&O Certificates and any purchase/sale notices can go to so they can be processed by our team.
  • Where can I see if the insured has made a payment?
    Access the Policy Details page in the portal, and view the Billing Details section for all transactional information, including balance.
  • What should I do if the Password Reset email link from MGAlive did not work?
    If you are having trouble completing the password reset, clear your browser cache using CTRL + Shift + Delete. Then go to the password reset and click on the link.
  • How can I add a new user or replace a prior user on MGAlive?
    In order for any new users to be added to our system and assigned credentials, we need the account administrator (or owner) to provide us with an updated Contact form with the appropriate information. Please use this link to access the MGAlive Contact Update Blank Form. Save a copy (enabling updates) to make your changes. Email the completed information to Instructions are on the first tab of the form if you have any questions on what role to assign so that the user can be given access. NOTE: Account Administrators who have been issued credentials can view users already assigned to their agency via the Account Management > Members to view the users who are active on their account.
  • How do I download or print my Invoice in MGAlive?
    Login to MGAlive. Go to the Policy Details page, then go to the Documents tab and locate the category for Statements. On the right-hand side is a down arrow icon to download the file. Click on the down arrow icon. If you do not see the file at the bottom of your browser window, then check your download folder. Print the PDF file. If you have any billing questions, please reach out to
  • How do I download or print my Policy in MGAlive?
    Log in to MGAlive. On the Policy Details page, go to the Documents tab and locate the category for Policy documents. Use the down arrow icon located on the right side of the document to download the file. If you do not see the downloaded file, check your download folder.
  • How do I download or print my Quote in MGAlive?
    Login to MGAlive. On the Quote Details page, go to Manage your quote, then click on Print Proposal Packet. After you click on the link, you will see the PDF file of your Quote to print.
  • In MGAlive, what documents are attached and where are they attached?
    Quote documents are attached to the Documents Tab on the Quote Details Page. Policy documents, including endorsements, are attached to the Documents Tab on the Policy Details Page of the applicable policy term.
  • In MGAlive, where is the billing information?
    Billing information is on the Billing Tab on the Policy Details Page.
  • When will our payment be visible in MGAlive?
    It takes 2-3 business days for a payment to be reflected on the Policy Details in MGAlive.
  • Why wasn’t my Policy Bound yet?
    If you did not click the Bind Button during the Quote process, your Quote will still be in Approved status. Go to the Quotes tab. Open the Quote and click on the Bind Button to bind your Quote. Please ensure that your required signed bind documents have been uploaded. If your Quote is not in the Approved status and you are waiting for your Policy to be bound, email Please include in your subject line the Quote Number and Insured Name. Example: Bind Request 45678 Shady Acres HOA.
  • Where do we send information about changes to the billing or contact details for the insured community association/HOA/Condo Association?
    On the policy record, utilize the Policy Change Request option under Manage Your Policy. If Policy Change Request is not available, select Open a Case.
  • Where do we send information about changes to the Property Management Company (PMC) or changes regarding their contact information?
    On the policy record, utilize the Policy Change Request option under Manage Your Policy. If Policy Change Request is not available, select Open a Case.
  • Where do we send information about changes to the Insured Invoice delivery?
    We are unable to change this information. Invoices are available on the policy 2-3 days after the policy is issued. Anyone with access to MGAlive can retrieve a copy of the invoice by going to the Policy Record and the Billing tab.
  • Do you allow mid-term moves on Workers’ Compensation new business policies that have direct employees and payroll?
    We do not allow mid-term moves on Workers’ Compensation new business policies that have direct employees and payroll.

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