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Welcome to CAISlive! THANK YOU for the excellent work you do for your community. We provide a resource for Insurance Agents like you! Here’s how:


Our Agent Portal,, is built specifically to meet the needs of insurance agents like you, and we understand a quick turnaround is vital to your success.






Workers’ Compensation Coverage for HOAs/Condos/Townhomes/PUDs is our most popular program. We provide options with or without payroll, and can include coverage for volunteers and board members at no additional cost.

Here are the top five insurance coverages that every association needs:

  1. Commercial Package Policy (Property & Liability)

  2. Directors and Officers with Employment Liability Insurance (D&O with EPLI)

  3. Crime (Employee Dishonesty or Fidelity Bond)

  4. Payroll or Volunteer ("If-Any") Workers' Compensation

  5. Umbrella (Excess Liability)


Learn more about our product offerings.


For application submissions and to bind policies (based on line of business) login to Don’t have access? Join our community of agents.

If you’d like to learn more about insurance protection for your Community Association customers, please contact:


Gary Deck

Vice President of Sales and Distribution

M: 916.212.8310 (best choice)

T: 888.833.4158 Ext. 109

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