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CAIS offers Crime Limits up to $5M for Community Associations!

Crime coverage for your Community Association customers is now available up to $5 million in most states. The premium range is between $150 to $1,844.

Our Program is easy to use! Quote, bind, and issue online through our automated portal! Enter your Association's details one time to quote multiple products. We offer direct bill and auto-renewal. Short-term policies are available (to make concurrent with in-force policies).

Community Association Crime Program

The Crime coverage protects the insured against theft of money, securities or other property by an employee or property manager.

Crime Program offers coverage for:

  • Theft, Forgery, or Alteration

  • Counterfeit Currency

  • Computer or Transfer Fraud

Crime Program details:

  • Available in all states!

  • Coverage limits from $10K to $1 million (NY & KY)

  • Coverage limits from $10K to $5 million (all other states)

  • Deductibles as low as $500

  • Total Premiums range between $150 and $1,844

  • Quote, bind and issue online

  • AM Best "A+" and "A++" rated National Carriers

  • Includes Computer and Fund Transfer Fraud at the same limit as Employee Dishonesty (Coverage A) limit

  • Includes the Management Company

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