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Community Association WC Coverage Considerations

CAIS has important Workers' Compensation coverage considerations to tell you about for Community Associations. Whether you are an Association Board Member, a Management Company, or an Insurance Agent that is interested in working with Community Associations, CAIS can help!

Did you know that associations without employees need a Workers' Compensation policy? Read the exposure points below to understand why.

Every Condo/HOA without direct (W2) employees faces the following exposures:

1. An employee of an uninsured contractor is injured at the association and the employer has not provided proper coverage. The association may be required by the local Labor/Industrial authorities to step in as the "employer" as it relates to Labor Code benefits owed that injured employee.

2. A volunteer working on behalf of the association is injured during the course of their duties. The association should (and ultimately may be required to) treat that injury as "work-related", thereby requiring benefits owed under the Labor Code.

3. General Liability (GL) EXCLUDES bodily injury to an employee. An injury to a volunteer or to an employee of a contractor could be deemed an injury to an employee of the association and would be excluded by your GL carrier. The “If-Any” Workers’ Compensation Policy that includes a voluntary Compensation Endorsement will provide coverage to an injured employee as evidenced in the losses outlined below.

We have example claims that may be helpful for your Community Association. See recent PAID LOSSES from our National Condo/HOA WC Program

CAIS offers an If-Any Workers’ Compensation Policy that includes a voluntary compensation endorsement to solve these issues. This type of policy is sometimes referred to as a Ghost Policy, a No Payroll Policy, or a Non-Payroll policy.

Click here to view sample claims and download a sample to take to your next board meeting!

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