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Crime Program Enhancement Now Available!

Updated: Jan 18

Best-in-Class Crime Program for Community Associations! 

We are excited to offer our ENHANCED CRIME PROGRAM including coverage on a DISCOVERY FORM basis and FRAUDULENT IMPERSONATION protection beginning with policies effective 3/1/24.

  • Discovery Form coverage provides broader protection for your community association clients by covering crime losses DISCOVERED during the policy period, regardless of when they occurred.

  • Fraudulent Impersonation coverage protects your community association clients by covering crime losses attributed to the growing threat of phishing/social engineering scams.

All New Business and Renewals with effective dates 3/1/24 and later include the full suite of Crime Coverages (A-H) at limits of $25,000 or higher. Get a quote now on!

Thank you to our agents who helped us launch our original Crime program over 6 years ago! We appreciate and respect your valuable market insight.

Download our updated Crime flyer!

Quote now on!

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