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Does Your Workers' Comp Policy Include a Voluntary Compensation Endorsement?

CAIS offers an If-Any Workers’ Compensation Policy (sometimes referred to as a Ghost Policy, a No Payroll Policy, or a Non-Payroll policy), and CAIS also offers a Payroll Workers' Compensation Policy for HOAs and Condo Associations. Both of our Workers' Compensation Policy types offer a Voluntary Compensation Endorsement.* Why does your association need Workers' Comp with a voluntary compensation endorsement? Keep reading to see why!

Every Condo/HOA without direct (W2) employees faces the following exposures:

1. An employee of an uninsured contractor is injured at the association and the employer has not provided proper coverage. The association may be required by the local Labor/Industrial authorities to step in as the "employer" as it relates to Labor Code benefits owed that injured employee.

2. A volunteer working on behalf of the association is injured during the course of their duties. The association should (and ultimately may be required to) treat that injury as "work-related", thereby requiring benefits owed under the Labor Code.

3. General Liability (GL) EXCLUDES bodily injury to an employee. An injury to a volunteer or to an employee of a contractor could be deemed an injury to an employee of the association and would be excluded by your GL carrier. The “If-Any” Workers’ Compensation Policy that includes a voluntary Compensation Endorsement will provide coverage to an injured employee as evidenced in the losses outlined below.

Our Programs are available nationwide (excluding monopolistic states). Click here to view sample claims and download a sample to take to your next board meeting!

*Voluntary Compensation Endorsement available in all states unless restricted by a state’s insurance regulations.

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